Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The biggest headache so far

I have really enjoyed my first month or so of blog entry. It is fun doing something new and it provides an outlet for creative thought that I enjoy trying to cultivate. Those few of you who might have been with this site since its inception are probably stopping to wonder when you missed the creative thought, but it was there somewhere, trust me.

My point is that this has been fun. However the bad part of it all so far has been the wrangling over blog aliases.

I suppose its my fault for insisting that I drag my friends and coworkers (some of whom fit in BOTH categories!!) into this space on a weekly basis. If I had just left things alone and simply written out into the ether and never told anybody about it then this might not have happened.

But, hey, my friends are significant elements of my daily life and if I can't go on and on about the pointless minutae of my daily existence, then why do anything at all?

You should remember that my frame of reference for blogs are those other ones that I have read, the ones written by people doing it for four or more years. Maybe they had trouble in their early months trying to find that nickname that best captured the personality or experience of the person being described. Maybe they were CONSTANTLY pestered to see if they had been mentioned, then possibly they overlooked their entry, or just decided to skim it, or whatever. These things are probably very common and I am just now experiencing the initial phase of blogger initiation. If so, then let it continue.

Oh yes, let it continue--'cause I'm not giving up! I'll keep posting my stupid crap every other day. Someday I'll even print them all out so that my small daughers can someday read them all and say, "BOY . . . Dad was some kind of idiot geek, huh?" Then they will hop in their hovercars and jet on over to Mars for some shopping.

So to all my aliased friends out there . . . to Jack Thunder, to Lulu, to Dr. Actually, Spec, and the Shirtless Wonder, to Perk (nee Jello), to Raisinette, to Jam Master J, to Old Navy and Evian, and even to the newly rechristened Flipper . . . I hope you can live with it, cause I don't know if I can go on changing it anymore.

Thanks for bearing with me! I hope someday you will feel that it has all been worth it.

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