Monday, September 13, 2004


I don't really know the original history of this word, but I know that it became a favorite of mine a few years ago.

While Web 10 doesn't define it (at least not on its website), defines booyah in this manner: to be used after you have done something better than someone else, won a bet, or beat someone at a game.A concise definition that captures the spirit of the inner Booyah, but does this definition cover all relevant circumstances for proper usage?

As you might expect, a quick Google search yielded a great many results.
The Urban Dictionary website, in the best internet tradition, offers a variety of possible definitions, to capture the more subtle nuances of proper Booyahing. I imagine that these subtleties are mysterious to English Learners and other foreigners.

Why do I bring this up . . . other than the fact that I can?

Well, the Lunch Bunch decided today to commit ourselves to something at our upcoming company picnic. It is called Human Foosball and involves tethering yourself to other team mates and enacting a giant game of Foosball. Sounds stupidly endearing, no?

Of course, any activity this embarassing demands the proper team name and shirt. I suggested TEAM FOOS-BOOYAH! and remarkably, no one objected. So, get ready America . . . soon Dr. Actually, me, Lulu, Jello, Spec, the Shirtless Wonder, and The Person Formerly Known as Flipper (TPFKF) will be Foosin' it up for all to see. We plan to lose the Foos early so we aren't committed to being at the company picnic all day, you know? Raisinette and Jam Master J are serving as alternates in case a member of TEAM FOOS-BOOYAH! pulls muscle or something while explaining subtlety.

Of course, our team motto, which will be featured on the back of our highly designed shirts will be "Kickin' It Old Style."

It'll be awesome--someday we'll have a team picture taken.


lulu said...

I agree with Jello--Perk IS a better name, and much more natural. I'm also down with Jam Master J.

My problem (and there's always a problem, right?) is with the term "Lunch Bunch." Really, it's something I expect to see in cut-out letters on the walls of Spawnasaurus's preschool. Can't we think of something better and a lot less cloying? Eatin' Peeps? The Digestion Gang? Anything else.

Also, I'm glad you decided to stay with Flip, Flip. I, too, am not a huge fan of my long-time nickname, but I'm stuck with it, you know? And, come to think of it, would I really welcome the suggestions of a more personality-based nickname? Somehow I sense that the shite would fly.

Anonymous said...

i congratulate you all on committing to such a spectacle.
it will be good to see you all when i crash the company picnic in a drunken fury. i will cheer for you and throw bottles at the other team.

==Jack Thunder