Monday, September 13, 2004

Erasing the pain of concert tragedy

Big time fun is on the horizon for me and Tegan. We have bought tickets for the October 27th REM concert in Akron. Sure, I know that REM is getting older and their most definitive albums are probably behind them now, but there are larger forces at work here.

First, give us some credit. The two of us don't normally do this kind of thing. Being the definition of good parents, we submerge our own desires for the good of our children. Of course, that does NOT mean that we do whatever our children want (for a interesting story on that tragedy among misguided parent's see yet another Newsweek article--"The Power to Say NO"--which is not found on its website. I think that Tegan and I are very good at putting limits on our two girls--easier to do at their young ages.

Anyway . . . we are going on this musical adventure because it'll be fun and because poor Tegan has lived her entire life of 30 plus years with only the saddest of concert experiences--New Kids on the Block!

So now you see that we MUST rectify this situation.

The concert will be at the EJ Thomas Hall in Akron, the only appearance in Ohio for the tour of their new album .
Here is an approximate view of the stage from our seats:

Pretty cool, huh? Definitely the closest to the stage that I have ever been in my two previous REM experiences.

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