Monday, September 20, 2004

Another tweak to improve your blogging experience

I didn't get around to posting any new thoughts tonight, but I did accomplish one goal--I added a bit more content to my sidebar.

Below my list of links you will now find the book I am currently reading and one of the albums in my current rotation.

How did I do it? After thinking about if for a bit, it was surprisingly easy. I went to another blog that featured this element, viewed the source HTML for that page, then cut and pasted the relevant code into my personal template. After than it was simply finding thumbnail images out on the web and pasting down the appropriate image URLs.

Amazing, and I am very pleased.

I had better quit adding stuff to my site or it will soon take too long to load. (Incidentally, if you are having such problems, let me know please.)

Tomorrow, if I can squeeze in the time, I'll put down some thoughts on Sundy night's Emmy awards.

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