Friday, August 13, 2004

what the . . .?

Yesterday I noticed something at work that made me double-take.

In the bathroom, there was someone on their cell phone while "multi-tasking" (if you catch my meaning).

I mean, really . . . are you that important that you can't give yourself and the person on the end of the line the courtesty of a brief pause? (I hope and pray that the individual in question was only checking voicemail or some other suitably anonymous task.)

But, this is one reason why people hate cell phones.

And speaking of people who hate cell phones, check out my coworker Lulu's freshly minted blog. Though she did it specifically to hack me off and spout her opinions, I am honor bound to reference her site.
She did it for me, you see, but I was kind enough to provide a handy link.

1 comment:

lulu said...

It wasn't a matter of me being unkind--it has everything to do with me being a techno fetus. Everything I figure out how to do on a computer I do with a great deal of pain.