Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Some slight updating

I have made a few stylistic change to the page tonight, some easy and some not very easy.

I was finally able to follow the instructions to download the Hello program that lets me post picture on my page. See the gloriously awful image from the upcoming movie Alexander for proof of image creativity.

Unfortunately, I can only log into the program at home. Whenever I try to do it at work (during my lunch break of course) I am unable to sign on and am therefore unable to do picture posting while eating my lunch sandwich. So, I'll have to do more image stuff at home, which is a shame since my computer speed at home ain't that great. But eventually I'll add a classic DTM picture to my page and you'll all be happy that I put forth the effort.

I also added the newly-offered navigation bar at the top of the page. So now you can search within my site to find important phrases like work sucks, meme, Entertainment Weekly, television, or other phrases that I might likely use. Just don't expect such phrases as I love spinach, I hate Alias, or other unlikely word combinations. Feel free to suggest your own phrases that I would or would not type.

To do this, you can use the handy comment feature, which caused some problems last week, but I adjusted it and now is available to everyone. I am trying to use one of Blogger's not-so helpful sets of directions that will allow me to change the way comments are displayed on the page, but it involves changing HTML codes, which I am not comfortable doing. I am sure that I would screw something up and all of the valuable work that I put forward on this site (all 4-5 days of it!) would get screwed up. Maybe someone can help me or maybe I'll learn to live with it as it is.

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