Friday, August 13, 2004

Iraq wins . . . and other stuff

(ESPN) Blood, sweat and cheers: Let freedom ring

So the Olympics have started and here is one of the first salvos arguing that the Games are more than sports. Are they a weird combination of sports, national pride, and global unity? Or are they a media-event controlled by aristocrats and corporations?

I wonder if President Bush will use this soccer victory to justify the war?

Speaking of Bush . . . on "The Daily Show" last night, one of the authors of a book calledAll the President's Spin was on. He also works at the website John Steward absolutely LOVES this book. Check it out on Amazon or request a copy from your local library. The claim is that the Bush team has combined the Reagan administration's skill at creating visual photo ops with the Clinton administration's ability of rapid response spin and created the ultimate method to overwhelm and control the daily media message. Interesting, but the book sounds like an interesting read.

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