Thursday, August 19, 2004

Mysterious synergies in the blog-o-verse

Well, I didn't get to add anything last night because our regularly-scheduled bible study group was moved to Wednesdays. By the time we got home from Hilliard and got the girls in bed it was already 10 pm and I have been feeling tired lately, so we stayed up in the bedroom and watched Good Eats on Food Network before going to bed.

This morning I checked out the Damn Hell Ass Kings as I often do, and found that one of the writers was quitting her job. Now, I don't know Shack personally, but I have read many of his/her (?) recaps for Television Without Pity.

The interesting thing about all of this is that it sounds like she is quitting her journalism job to move to L.A. and pursue the chance to write for television. How is Shack proposing to do this? It appears s/he is trying to enter the content recently announced by Bravo to be part of their new reality show Situation: Comedy. The idea for the show is people submit scripts for 15 minutes of a sitcom they create and compete with others for the chance to get a job writing sitcoms for real for a year.

How does this connect to me? Well, my coworker Dr. Actually brought in a newspaper clipping about this show last week and jokingly suggested that I should try to enter the show. Now, I am not really in a position to do such a thing--having a wife with a successful job and two young girls--but it DID motivate me (in some strange fashion) to begin this blog. So, in some way I feel a deeper connection with Shack (whom I have never met and am not even sure of Shack's gender) than ever before.

I would go into more detail about how this site actually came to be, but that will have to wait for another day and another post . . . my office's computer drives will allow me access eventually and I won't have a good excuse to further avoid working.

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