Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Week Two

Just a brief note since I haven't blogged in a while. (I really had a nice rhythm going there, but we all knew it wouldn't last.)

Hannah recovered from her jaundice and has started gaining weight. She just crossed the 7 pound threshold the other day and the sky's the limit from here on out, I guess--at least until the President's Council on Fitness starts butting in or Mayor Coleman tries to get her to "commit to be fit."

Hannah got better, but I was worse. About a day after she came home from the hospital, I became symptomatic with conjunctivitis (pink eye as it is commonly known). It's highly contagious, as my next-door-cube-mate at work can sadly attest to, so I was unable to hold Hannah for about five days while I dosed my eyes with antibiotic and struggled with the irritation, the constant drainage. Yuck.

But, I'm finally over than and have been pitching in to help Lynda. Often our nightly routine is that I get Sarah and Grace up to bed while Lynda feeds Hannah and tries to get her down for an early evening sleep. Then she lays down to try and rest for a few hours before the late night feeding begins. At this stage of the game, H. needs to feed around every three or four hours. So, while I am not using my paternity leave (which I plan to bank and use at the end of her maternity leave), I get to sleep while she feeds her during the late night hours.

All in all, things are going well. We are settling into our various roles and spaces in the new family geography that is being created around us. As usual, when things become routine, something will pop up to throw that off, but that is the thrill of living, right?

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