Thursday, February 14, 2008

I love my neglected blog

I really do . . . but I haven't written on you in a week or so.

If I did take the time to do so, I would take about the story that Val Kilmer is now providing the voice of KITT in the Knight Rider TV reboot that will be coming to a TV near you soon.

I would also talk about the sad death of Roy Scheider and speculate as to why Crazy Tom Cruise wanted the star of "Jaws" and "Blue Thunder" to exit the stage.

I might also express my excitement that the writer's strike is over and I can look forward to a grand total of 13 new LOST episodes in season 4. That's three less than originally scheduled, but considering how a three month strike wrecked havoc on the TV schedule this year, I'm pretty happy. I might also mention the plan that Shirtless and I hatched yesterday (and which I need to transmit to LOST producters Lindelof and Cuse) that the missing three episodes from this season need to be bumped to the end of the series in 2010 and used to create a stand-alone three-episode Zombie Season miniseries.

I might talk about how Hannah is doing what babies do . . . crying a lot at night and taxing the patience and reserve of Lynda and I. Who knows why? I am sure it'll someday end, but it sure is difficult when she is crying for minutes at a time and absolutely NOTHING that you do can stop it. I guess you just grit your teeth and bear it until she tires herself out.

These are things I might spend MUCH more time developing and being introspective about.

But that time is not now.

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