Friday, February 08, 2008

LOST epidose 402: "Confirmed Dead"

Just a few observations to last night's episode.

1. The people on the freighter, from which the UnFantastic Four from the helicopter hail, CLEARLY are members of the DHARMA Initiative. Dan is a physicist. Miles is a psychic. Charlotte is an archaeologist. And The Lawnmower Man (what's his character name) is a pilot for hire. The sinister African American (Mr. Abaddon, I think?) who hired Naomi and visited FutureHurley in the insane asylum is also part of the DHARMA Initiative.

2. This is clear since the sciences represented by Dan, Miles, and Charlotte are all sciences represented within the DHARMA Initiative.

3. The fact that they are out for Ben Linus--the young man that went rogue against DHARMA and participated in the mass killing of the entire research community on the island--is proof enough. But, even more compelling . . . who but DHARMA even knows where the island is?

4. Finally . . . who is Ben agent on the freighter? (Remember that he said at the end of the episode that he had a man on the boat?) I GUARANTEE that the man on the boat is Annie, the girl that befriended young Ben back in the Season 3 episode "The Man Behind the Curtain" where we see young Ben's life on arriving at the island.


David said...

One exciting possibility from a internet post I read this morning.

The arrival of ghost-talking Miles on the island raises the possibility that he will speak to the many, many dead people currently buried on the island.

Might that mean that Nikki and Paolo will be "resurrected" once again? Certainly, given Miles schtick of talking to ghosts to get hidden money might allow him to dig up N & P to get at those diamonds. . .

Sven Golly said...

Your new epigram, sir, is misguided and wrong. Eli's escape from the clutches of a horde of would-be sackers was brilliant enough, but the key was his ability to see the field, find the receiver, and fire a frozen rope in his general direction, setting up the tricky helmet-catch the Giants have been planning and perfecting all season (invented in the Manning back yard in days of yore and soon to become a staple of schoolyard games across this great land).

David said...

Sorry. I calls 'em like I sees 'em. I'm not in the business of annointing the NFL's next great poster boy. I'll leave that to the committee choosing the MVP, Disney World, and the TV announcing crew.