Friday, February 22, 2008

Last night's LOST episode: "Eggtown"

Lots of very interesting stuff happened on last night’s episode, “Eggtown.”

  • First and foremost . . . we already have “Who’s in the coffin?” NOW, we’ve got “Who are the Oceanic 6 PLUS TWO? We know Sayid, Kate, Jack, Hurley get off the island. Now we know that Aaron is also off, but is he one of the O6?
  • We also know that the “lie” that has been mentioned about their time on the island is being revealed. The O6 survivors say that only 8 people survived the crash. We can already calculate that Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, (and Aaron) are among that 8, but who else are they claiming? One of those 6 (or 8) is the person in the coffin, right?
  • Before Kate said her son’s name, Lynda and I debated who the father was. She said Sawyer, I said Jack. Now it’s neither. But presumably Claire dies and Kate takes Aaron back to the U.S. Why? How?
  • I don’t think we can count Ben among the 8 survivors that Jack mentioned at the trial. Ben’s been coming/going from the island for quite a while—as evidenced by the cache of clothes and money revealed last week and by Miles references to “what Ben can do” last night.
  • Now we have a better idea of why Jack want’s to go back to the island. Clearly things go very wrong as they board the freighter and try to leave the island. Possibly Claire dies in some mix up. Jack feels responsible for this and that is why he won’t come to see Aaron at Kate’s house. He want’s to go back to the island to atone for his mistake in contacting the freighter, and for providing a reliable way to bring home the remainder of the survivors that no one knows about.
  • Locke is in serious trouble, being manipulated by Ben once again. He’s always been gullible and susceptible to the wiles of other, stronger individuals. He’s clearly in over his head at the Barracks—his tough grenade talk with Miles notwithstanding.
  • Shouldn't Kate be MORE concerned about the possibility of getting pregnant on the island? She knows from Juliet that pregnancies conceived on the island are a death sentence. I suppose she figures she’ll be leaving the danger zone before the problem arises? And doesn’t Sawyer know about the pregnancy dangers as well? He seems awfully casual about sex that might lead to Kate dying, right?

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