Monday, September 19, 2005

My new fall season has begun

It's official. I am now watching new TV shows.

Tonight I watched "Arrested Development" and "Kitchen Confidential."

"AD" was, as always, quirky, funny, fast-paced, very smart . . . "Frasier" for people who can look at themselves with pride the next day. The constant, dry, deadpan voice-overs by Ron Howard never fail to underline the humor that is often so fast that you might miss it if you weren't paying sufficient attention.

As for "Kitchen Confidential," well, it's hard to tell. I enjoyed the premiere. I always liked Bradley Cooper on "Alias" and he does a credible job on this show. I am a huge fan of Nicholas Brendan and while his character on "KC" is definitely NOT Xander, I don't find myself wishing for Xander either. I just enjoy seeing him there and listening to his character.

"AD" is endless inventive and always fun and unpredictable. I can see "KC" becoming very predictable over time, I guess or simply derivative. But, what else is there worth watching on Monday nights--unless you decide to start reading books or something?

So, PLEASE go out of your way to watch "Arrested Development." You'll be glad that you did.

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