Sunday, September 11, 2005

Man, I am getting old

On the way out of the zoo today (which was Saturn car owners day) I signed up for a Saturn Sky car.

I did it because it was free, but on the ride home, I thought to myself . . . why?

I can't drive the kids around in it; the insurance for something like that is probably too high to accept. Heck, it probably wouldn't even fit in my garage or something.

So, yeah. I guess I am getting old and stupid and boring (even more boring than ever).

So, if I win it, who wants it?


lulu said...

I'll take it, too. It can be sold, and the money rolled over into an IRA, or put toward the principle on my home loan, or used to pay off those son-a-of-biscuit student loans.

Thanks, Burb!

David said...

I KNOW it can be sold (that's what I'd really do if I won).

But I bet it's harder to sell than a 10-year-old Escort. I guess if I cut the price in half it might sell faster and I'd get some quick money to pay off loans and make friends real quick. (Then the taxes would kick in.)

But can you sell super hot cars on eBay?