Monday, September 19, 2005

The Life Aquatic

I like Wes Anderson. I have watched and enjoyed "Rushmore." I didn't love, but did appreciate "The Royal Tennenbaums." But, I really dig "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou."

And the scene that sold it for me was Bill Murray, as the famous (if washed up) oceanographer kicking pirate butt clad in nothing but a speedo, a bathrobe, and a Glock. The pirates high-tailed it out of there (but left their three-legged dog).

What else can you saw about a movie that features its own trademarked shoe? Well, the fact that the actor playing Steve's financial money hound is also the dude that plays Albus Dumbledore in the recent "Harry Potter" movies.

And then there is Jeff Goldblum, who is actually funny and likeable in a film for the first time in maybe a decade . . . if ever?

Plus, the rescue scene at the Hotel Citroen put me in mind of the best action sequences of "Mission: Impossible" and maybe a bit of "The Matrix" but without some of the special camera tricks.


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David said...

I can't guarantee that the Netflix will stay there permanently.
Tegan won a one-month free subscription through a contest at work. I plan to wring all the free movie goodness that I can before we make the difficult decision of what to do next . . .

Of course, Tegan has zero time to watch anything. (I picked "Finding Neverland" for her, though I want to watch it.)

And, may I say to all that though the "Word verification" feature has eliminated comment spam, its funky font design sometimes makes it difficult for even ME to add comments? What's up with that?