Thursday, September 22, 2005

Company picnic, human foosball, tandem bikes, etc

This afternoon rather than eat at the 4Square in the cafeteria, "Millard Filmore's Japanese Friends"(or most of us anyway) enjoyed the company picnic.

As was true last year, the food was acceptable . . . maybe. I do think the lines were much faster this year, so that was an improvement. It definitely was as hot as last year . . . which played a role in the activities.

As was also true last year, the events at the picnic featured something called Human Foosball. Last year, our Team Foos-Booyah! dominated, losing nary a game. This year, things were a bit different.

First, the configuration of the large inflatable court was totally different than last year, severely restricting the overall movement of each individual person. Second, the size of the court was much less. It only accommodated five players per team. This was a problem because all correspondence prior to arrival indicated team size should be between six and ten. My motivational emails and awesome team shirt designs had netted us a total of eleven people at the picnic. Plus, there was only one other team willing to play.

So, Team Foos-Booyah! divided itself. The first team played very well and beat the Savage Penguins 7 to 3. Team Foos-Booyah!(b) didn't do as well, losing to the Savage Penguins by a score of 7 to 3. I played in one of the two goalie positions and didn't do such a great job of preventing scores. I really had trouble keeping myself from snarling in the lines that held me in "position." Spec would have done a better job of it, I am sure.

Oh well. Over the course of two years, Team Foos-Booyah! has a record of 4 and 1. Plus our shirts get better each year. I plan to play again next year . . . and go undefeated again.

After messing around with some other stuff for a while and trying to stay cool it was just me and Shirtless. But before we left, we took advantage of a cartoonist who was offering free pictures for picnickers.
The awful truth is revealed below. If you are up this way and want to see the real thing, swing by my office sometime. You won't be sorry!

Oh, the ho-yay!

While waiting in line, we discussed what set-up our picture should be. Some people before us were walking a dog, playing tennis,whatever. For no particular reason, we asked him to draw up beating up on each other. He couldn't so that, I guess, but what he gave us was wonderful in it's own way. But, I think he did get the heads on the wrong bodies.

Dr. Actually used his new camera to get some pictures of the games as they were being played. If I can acquire those images, I'll give more details when there are visuals to accompany . . .


Anonymous said...

i think we both know why the team wasn't quite the same this year. you all suffered from a lack of a decent cheering squad, with head cheerleader J-Ho. i'm sorry i couldn't be there but this whole school thing is keeping me busy. i'm sure you all enjoyed yourselves anyhow. tell MFJF i says hello and that i miss you all.

Anonymous said...

I'd recognize those brows anywhere! Is that "Shirtless" beside you?

David said...

Indeed, those brows are a Burb-family trait.

And yes, that is Shirtless beside me. Even given the exaggerated nature of the caricature art form, you might see where the nickname originally came from.

Anna Schafer said...

My motivational emails and awesome team shirt designs had netted us a total of eleven people at the picnic. Plus, there was only one other team willing to foosballs

Unknown said...

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