Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The tennis match that lasted 30 DAYS

Tonight Spec and I duked it out mano-a-mano on the tennis court. The tennis group usually meets every Thursday after work at Local park to work on our tennis game and get comfortable with the idea of sweating and stinking in front of our co-workers. (It totally doesn't diminish the amount of respect that I get from them every day . . . really!)

We decided to flip the tennis game to Wednesday night tonight because the rain forecast for tomorrow is grimmer. It did rain before the game began, but it did stop and let the humidity settle back in. The courts were covered with puddles, but they eventually dried well enough.

Spec dispatched me pretty easily in the first set (6-1)--even though my serve was pretty good. In the second set I did a bit better but he still handled my game with not much trouble (6-2). BUT in the third set, I came on strong. We pushed it to a tiebreaker game and I finally prevailed (7-6 and 10-8 in the tiebreaker). It was awe-inspiring, let me tell you.

I took Spec out to dinner after and then went home in time to read a story to Ariel and get her in bed.

Now I am blogging while Tegan and I watch that awesome show 30 Days. I've written about this show before, but tonight's episode is (I think) right up Lulu's alley. In this one, two New Yorker bar employees are living "off the grid" eco-village in Missouri known as Dancing Rabbit (have you heard of it Lulu?). I am recording it and will route it around to my coworkers who want to watch it. (On the FX page, click the Episode Guide link and choose "off the grid" to see pictures of the people and the situation.)

Tegan warned me to try and verify the Dancing Rabbit web link that I provided, so I checked Morgan's own blog site and he provides the same link and some others as well.

So, go forth and check out the links.


lulu said...

Oo! oo! I want to watch it. I have never heard of the Dancing Rabbit, nor of a dumber or more pagan name for a farm than "Dancing Rabbit." What they need is a GOOD name, an INSPIRED name, a FAMILY FRIENDLY name . . . like Hot Waffles.

Spec said...

That last set was pretty epic. Burb had me running all over the court and put a bunch of nice shots right past me.
This reminds, now, that next week will be my final day of tennis with the folks in OH. I am very sad about this. Hopefully I can find a similarly fun group in Brooklyn (although I doubt it).
Thanks again for dinner Burb.