Monday, July 04, 2005

Holiday activities (updated at 8:30pm! And further enhanced with aforementioned link)

It's been a busy weekend.

We had Shirtless and his wife over for dinner last night. And then after that we went to see the fireworks at the Central College church down the road from where we live. The kids did pretty well . . . Ariel complained a bit about the loudness of the bangs, but they got to see some fireworks just the same.

This morning, we decided to try and support our church at the New Albany parade, but we weren't quite sure where to go (having decided at the last minute), so we didn't find it in time. That kind of put us all in a bad mood, but we got over it in time to eat lunch and head to our own community parade. We got some good seats under the shady awning of an Uptown shop that was strategically close to Graeter's ice cream. Ruth and Ariel enjoyed some chocolate (with rainbow sprinkles) while Tegan and I really enjoyed the chocolate coconut almond.

The parade got going and we saw the best and brightest of our town cruise past. I noted that the politicians give out the largest volume of candy. Ariel complained earlier about the heat and the wait for the parade, but when the candy started showing up, she got happier.

I think I saw my friend (and fellow blogger) Sven Golly drive by in his truck. I got a flier from an establishment that I think he (or at least) Gven Golly are affiliated with and I would be glad to put in a link to plug it for him, but I guess I need to get permission first. (And since I did get his permission--see comments below, here it is. Go expand the mind and train the body.)

(That is the worst thing about these blogging "aliases" that I have established. I feel that you need to get clearance before you do anything involving people. Oh well, better that than getting stalked by some crazed internet fanatic--and I KNOW I've got to have some out there somewhere.)

Anyway, it was a successful weekend celebrating our national holiday. I hope you had a good one yourself.

evening update!

So, we decided to go out for dinner tonight. We were not jazzed about trying to fix dinner. We survived that . . . but only barely. The couple (with kids) to our three o'clock apparently got food for the kids but the parents never got theirs. The couple (with kids) to our twelve o'clock got their adult food so late that it was a mess. We survived by only having one of our children orders mixed up . . . which was rapidly replaced. So, lucky there.

The other interesting thing here was that when we got home, we got the kids in pajamas and started getting them ready for bed. Books began getting read and teeth were brushed. However, Ariel was explaing that she had not yet had dessert. Luckily, she had a plan. There was lots of candy left over from the parade earlier in the afternoon and so Ariel was going to have some of that.

Unfortunately, she wanted to take her lollipop upstairs to eat while Tegan was reading books to Ruth. This, you see, was not a good idea because then Ruth would want to have some candy. So, I told Ariel that she could decide: either stay downstairs eating her lollipop while I read her books or go upstairs (without lollipop) to listen to books.

Naturally, she decided her lollipop didn't taste all that good after all.

So . . . now I know that I can't get kids to hang out with me--even if I hang lollipops around my neck. :)


Jack Thunder said...

oh stop. you know we'd all hang onto our lollipop and listen to choice selections of Fast Food Nation.
it sounds like there's just more buzz around Tegan's event. perhaps you market yourself more to your friends than to your kids? don't get me wrong; i'm glad.

but what do i know? for july4 we watched a gang of old s&m'ers walk down Neil Ave. in our neighborhood parade, then we cooked some veggie burgers over burning American flags. (okay, only half of that is true.)

but seriously, maybe you should read a passage and audioblog it, then let Tegan do the same. we'll figure this out.

Sven Golly said...

By all means, please DO link your readers with (I'm not sure how to do the underscored cyan function), for which I was a last-ditch replacement roadie, along with Hank the truck, while Gven is part of the core group of teachers.

I like the way you finessed the lollipop/book dilemma. You done good, although Mr. Thunder's suggestion of audioblogging storytime is great, too. I'd listen at my desk - in my jammies.