Friday, July 22, 2005

The Farewell "Spec"tacular

Today is Spec's last day with us. Those of us who have known him, both in his corporeal form and in his blogging capacity, are sorry to see him go and have decided to team up and send him on his way to New York with kind words and remembrances.

I didn't know Spec that well at first, though I should have. His first encounter with our company was during his brief holiday stint as an intern several years ago. I was on my customary trip to see family in Georgia and he spent some of his time in my cubicle. We have been spiritually bonded ever since.

When he came to work full time, we were enemies. Why? Well, because he palled around with a rival lunch table that dared to sit apart from the mighty 4Square, also known as Millard Filmore's Japanese Friends. (Why? Don't ask . . ) We shot many nasty glances his way and said equally nasty things about him.

But eventually the rival lunch table collapsed and he came limping over to us with his tail between his legs. Jack T. said that he was a good guy, so I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Spec has a way about him, that's for sure. As you will see by reading my blogging compatriots today, he has affected each of us in distinct ways.

Memorable? Absolutely!

Shocking? Frequently!

Entertaining? Constantly!

What are my favorite memories? Well, there will always be the hallway of Jack's apartment during Christmas time. THAT is something I can't forget--especially since there are pictures.

But I also remember the Team Foos-Booyah! excitement of last summer. Spec willingly went along with my insanity and was a brave Human Foos-Booyah soldier, taking numerous kicks to the shins in defense of our goal! We couldn't have triumphed without his play. Plus, he helped make the shirts that every team was envious of that day.

And of course, he single-handedly converted about fifteen people in our office to the Apple lifestyle. I do feel bad for him, though, since all of our iPods are so much cooler than his. But every time I blog on my sweet laptop, I'll think of Spec. Every time said laptop makes my thighs warm . . . you KNOW I'll think of Spec.

He supported my Tobey obsession and I don't remember him ever belittling me for it. He wasn't able to go see Spider-Man 2 with us, but how often do people get to go to Mali?

I always enjoyed the weekly tennis games, both when we played together and when we played against each other. Spec could always be counted on to get more angry and make (at least) as much noise as me. Heck, he even beat up on his rackets like I do. And how did I thank him for being a tennis role model? I beaned him with tennis balls and encouraged him to steal tennis equipment.

Sure, he sometimes played a little rough with others, but we forgave him. We knew that he didn't mean it and inside he had a soft and creamy center of yummy nougat.

Can't you see the soft and chewy center? It's there. You just have to look a little harder.

We'll all have to look a little harder to see Spec now. But he'll always be in our hearts and his fingerprints will always be on the books that we are forced to reprint for years to come. And, if I ever get to Brooklyn, I can go see him . . . as long as he acknowledges that he knows such Midwestern squares as me.

Safe travels my friend.

My home and my blog comments are always open and ready for business.


lulu said...

Cool kitchen!

Jack Thunder said...

Well, since this has turned into such a love-fest, and since I don't have a blog of my own, I will post my abbreviated thoughts in a Comment here:

top 5 moments with Spec, in no particular order:

coining and playing "race h-o-r-s-e" at the basketball goal behind The Corporation.

the marathon sessions of ping pong.

experimenting with the new camcorder, especially when we connected it to the computer and filmed itself filming itself filming itself. profoundly iterative.

the weekend of Aug. 29, 2004, in NYC. the protest with 500,000+ others was good, hanging out was fun (incl. w/fuzzy), but the drive back might have been the most fun of all. not only had we saved the November election (or thought we had), but Spec DJ'ed me all the way back to Ohio.

the abortive game of tennis in gale-force winds, leading us to the adjacent library to look up dirty books, then to coffee down the street to talk about books in general.

runners up: the Bright Eyes concert, the Rilo Kiley/Tilly & The Wall concert, walking back from the Bob Schneider concert in 8-degree weather, visiting me while i was sick but actually just going out with Cordelia and bringing back a "Mashley" puzzle (don't ask), learning that his best friend was a Peace Corps volunteer in a country I was thinking about visiting, and of course every fondue pot and movie we watched, including "Sissy Boy Slap Party."

Have fun in New York, but Remember---No slapping!!!