Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A provocative debate . . .

A nice and thoughtful debate is going on over at Lulu's blog.

It is about the issue of Intelligent Design, Creation, Evolution, etc. You can read her original post and the several excellent comments from my coworkers here.

For more information on the Intelligent Design debate, click on the title of this post to be directed to a recent Newsweek article on the subject.

In other web items (and mostly for Jack T.) , here is a link to more reaction to the Budweiser "patriotism" ad that you queried me about the other day. I must have been getting more lasagna to eat or trying to track down Ariel, as I didn't see the ad run during the game.


lulu said...

I missed that one, dangit! But here's my favorite line from the soldier in Iraq:

"Furthermore, Anheuser-Busch donated enough beer to the U.S. Military that each soldier was allowed to have 2 beers during a 48-hour winzdow surrounding the game. They clearly "walked the walk" in supporting the troops."

Wow. TWO beers!!

Do the "two towers" of Anheuser Busch that light up our quasi-urban sky with "Budweiser" and "Bud Light" remind anyone else of the presence of Saruman?

David said...

For more information on Super Bowl ads--