Saturday, February 26, 2005

More doins' in the WWYG empire!

I had a great epiphany taking a shower this morning.

(Strangely I find many good blogging idea come while in the shower.)

Currently there are two ways to post pictures on my blog--through the use of the Hello program, demonstrated in this post, or by finding an image on the web and creating a HTML link to is. Two examples of that method are here and here.

These ways are fine and work well in many situations. But there is one significant drawback that I have discovered in my months of blogging on WWYG?! What if (as I sometime do) I wish to place multiple photos to illustrate a story?

The Hello program doesn't work because it only lets you post one photo and caption at a time. I can certainly create HTML links, but that means I am limited to the illustrations that I find on the web, usually news stories or pictures of celebrities and stuff like that.

But what if I am trying to tell a personal story . . . something that involves me and photos that I took. They won't be on the web, because no one outside of my circle of friends and family care about what I do . . . yet.

But, then it hit me. I have all the power of the web at my fingertips already!

I created a new website--Why Won't You Photo--which will allow me to place my own photos on a site and then link them into the blog post that I am working on. It's brilliant!!

So, I can use it to make my posts more dynamic and give me the flexibility that I need.


For instance, I am going to an Oscar party at Spec's tomorrow night. He wants us to dress up as a character in a film released in 2004. (It was originally going to be only characters from the Oscar-nominated films--but how many Clint Eastwoods and Natalie Portmans can you take?

So, I figure I can take some pictures of people at the party, having a good time. I'll try to keep some brief notes of things as the night progresses--not the detail of my debate running diaries, but you get the idea. Then I'll post a story about the whole thing, complete with linked photos at all the best moments.

In my head, it is awesome. Whether it actually turns out that way . . . well, we'll see.

Until then (or until I have another good idea to fling out there) . . .

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