Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines Day! (Now quake in fear!!!)

There is a Russell Stovers candy commercial currently running in my broadcast area.

It embodies much that I HATE about Valentines Day.

All it shows is normal, American guys, talking to the camera about how they had better not come home on Valentines Day without that Russell Stovers box of candy. They don't want to think about what will happen if they don't come home without that box with the signature bow. Dude, if they come home without that chocolate, they are totally sleeping on the couch!

That is the thrust of it. . . FEAR!

Is Valentines Day the only holiday marketed through fear and ignorance? Probably not, but this commercial makes it seem that way.

I am not afraid to wish my wife a very happy and hopefully calm Valentines Day.
She doesn't belittle me or make me afraid of her. She is very loving, a wonderful wife and incredible mother. She is the best thing in my life along with my kids. I wish we had time to really celebrate this awful holiday in the way it should be celebrated . . . without the fear and belittling.
Thanks for everything, everyday T.
I love you.

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