Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscar party diary

Okay, so you tuned in just at the most annoying part of the telecast . . . Adam Sandler and Chris Rock (interpreting Catherine Zeta-Jones)

By way of a scorecard, I am 4 out of 8 in the guessing category. But this is for best adapted screenplay--and I voted for Sideways. . . . I got it right and so did Ms. Jones. Finally she gets one right.

Everyone is nicely costumed tonight. I am impersonating Tobey Maguire and Raisinette, to my right is dressed as a Kinsey survey taker.

Jake Gyllenhaal just walked onstage and he looks bad--all skin-headed. Even I, impersonating Tobey look better.

Now its Best Visual Effects, will Spiderman 2 win??? YES! But I didn't vote for it, so oh well.

And now its the President of the Academy Awards and the funniest line of the night "this Tabernacle of Talent!!!" Wow, that was a terrible line.

So, since this diary sucks right now, I'll stop and start watching the telecast again.

But remember, when they announce the Best Actor winner, I may click back on, since I have a big bet going on that one--in case you haven't heard, I said that if Jamie Foxx doesn't win Best Actor, then I'll dance naked on a table at lunch.

But now I will stop because I am being threatened with pantsing.

I wrote that last night during the telecast. As you can see, live blogging is not my strong suit.
Spec put on a great event. The food was great, the conversation and all of the costumes were great. I forgot to take my camera with me, but pictures were taken by others, so hopefully I will link to images and provide costume commentary in a day or so.
As I predicted, Million Dollar Baby was the big winner, winning four of the top individual honors. Most everyone at the party was dismayed by this, but it wouldn't be the Oscars without disappointment, disillusionment, and anger.
My other predictions skills were not so great, only guessing 12 (of the 25 or 26?) broadcasted winners.
I am sure that many other websites with more time on their hands than me will give a post-show breakdown. I will try to provide some links to good ones in a few days . . . if you are interested.
In family news, Ariel and I started working on a short story book that she is illustrating and providing words for (she tells me what the picture is and I write it down). I hope to finish it with her in a few days and will scan it in for all to enjoy soon.

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flipper said...

I love how you were all "dismayed" that Million Dollar Baby won big, and yet NONE OF YOU EVEN SAW IT!!

You all suck.