Friday, August 13, 2004

Things that make you go hmmm at the Olympics

I was watching Mulan down in the basement with Ariel so I missed the first hour of the Olympics from Greece.

I did turn it on just as the "operatic" part of the Opening Ceremonies were ending and right before the boring, but fashionable Parade of Nations segment of the nights entertainment. So, I missed most of the Cirque de Soliel allegory stuff . . . but I did get to notice a few things.

1. The Athens Olympic Committee wasn't kidding when they warned that the venues might not get done in time. There was a huge puddle of water in the middle of the stadium! How are they gonna do the high jump when they can't run?

2. I did get to see the weird ET phone home moment at the end where the pregnant lady's uterus begins glowing. I think Bob Costas said something about how this was supposed to represent the possibilites for the future, but I am not sure how he said it without supressing a huge laugh. Then to make matters worse, all these bright lights started swirling around and whammo, a DNA double-helix! I am sure that the family of the late Francis Crick is gratified for the Olympic shout-out, but still . . .
Aren't there strange political/abortion-rights implications in all of this or have I been living in the United States for too long? Don't worry though . . . Katie Couric ensured the viewing audience that it all had something to do with the unity of mankind.

Do you hear that al-Qaeda? We are ONE! The DNA confirms it!

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