Sunday, August 29, 2004

Fall TV preview, part 3

Now it is time for CBS. As I noted in the review of ABC, CBS is now the second best network, thanks largely to the strength of CSI (and its weaker cousin CSI:Miami) plus the unending Survivor. CBS also has Big Brother, which didn't start well but has gained viewers every new year. The best reality show that CBS has? Most will probably say the Amazing Race. While I have never watched it, the show has a strong, devoted following and the critics always love it. So, CBS is a mixture of drama and reality, with its traditional news strength of 60 Minutes and the newer 60 Minutes II.

What is CBS contemplating for this coming year?

Most things aren't changing. Shows that did well enough last year, such as Navy NCIS (a double ripoff combination of CBS's own JAG and CSI) are still around. Two and a Half Men, though not though of highly, is still there, and Everyone (still, apparently) Loves Raymond--for probably another year and then that's it.

The show that I am most interested in is CSI:New York. It has to be better than its mediocre version in Miami has been, AND it features Gary Sinise, so lets hope it does well. I am a big fan of the original CSI and think this version will be well done. William Peterson, who stars in the original CSI and also acts as executive producer has been very outspoken of his fear that they are diluting the talent with all of the spinoffs, but I think that Sinise, at least, will do a good job. Unfortunately for me, it is on Wednesday night at 10, a night I am ususally watching pubescent superheroes, so I am have my own mini-dilemma.

The other most intriguing show for CBS is Dr. Vegas. This stars everyone's favorite West Winger Rob Lowe. It is appropriate that he arrive at CBS since he himself pulled a Caruso when he left WW at the height of its popularity and hasn't done anything worth mentioning since. Caruso, you see, did the same thing by leaving NYPD Blue many years ago and is trying to right that wrong on CSI:Miami right now. Anyway, Lowe is the aforementioned doctor who left behind ER medicine to become the in-house, always-on-call doc at a Vegas casino. He is friends with the owner, and you can guess where this is going. Lots of quirky injuries, occasional backdoor help for injured mobsters, etc. And the Doctor will certainly practice his bedside manner on a certain blackjack dealer who is going to college during the day and earning her keep (while probably trying to stay pure) in the dark of Sin City. (I sure hope she has a young son and that she is a single mom trying to start again . . . don't you?)

That's all I feel like talking about on CBS right now. I have never been a big fan and blatantly use the network for my own purposes. I watch CSI but feel no obligation or appreciation of the network--other than their rigid and constant use of the color blue in every possible situation. By all means, if you are a fan of next year's Survivor: Vanuatu, or habitually watch the Amazing Race, if you like Cold Case or King of Queens (a show that I do admire), then check out those shows for yourself here.

I, however, am going to stop here and plan my next examination. Why not Fox? See you then.

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