Thursday, August 12, 2004

some thoughts on Scrubs

One of my favorite websites is teevee.
Recently the writers there wrote an open letter to one of my favorite shows--Scrubs.

I have not yet been able to understand why NBC has treated Scrubs in the fashion that it has. It seems pretty clear, based on evidence that the network has, for many years now, struggled to successfully develop new television programming. This is not only NBC's problem, certainly, but it is particularly glaring at NBC because they have been successful for many years. ABC would love to be in NBC's shoes right now, development troubles or not.

Anyway, Scrubs is one of NBC's few bright spots over the past few years. The show has a good cast that meshes well together. But the Peacock has insisted on moving Scrubs around and around, from night to night, so that no one knows when its going to be on. Or the network puts the show on mini-hiatus for weeks while they force "super-sizing" Friends on an unsuspecting public.

Well, NBC executives had better watch it, because Zach Braff (Dr. John "J.D." Dorian) is beginning to get his own little career started. I haven't seen his debut film Garden State yet, but I have heard many good things--good acting, good soundtrack, etc.

I am not arguing that Braff is the straw that stirs the "Scrubs" drink, but if NBC doesn't start treating the show right, Mr. Braff will move on to something else and then the rest of the cast will go elsewhere also.

That would be a shame, because NBC would probably replace the show with Donald Trump hosting a contest between salesmen competing over who can sell more peanuts to elephants.

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