Monday, August 23, 2004

Political scandal and other things . . .

I didn't carve out enough time this weekend to delve "in depth" into the further mysteries of mass-marketing DVD's. I did give it a quick once over (with friends--more on that later) but this DESERVES a careful review and some thought. So, more TK . . . I promise!

Anyway, this may be old news to people out there, but I find it surprising. (I got these links from

Both the Kerry and the Bush camps provide guidelines on how to write letters to the editor, supporting their own candidate. Kerry's guidelines are here. The Bush camp's form, however, is even better--because it provides the text for you! See here.

What is the result (at least for the Bushies?). Attack of the (letter) Clones!

If stuff like that has you worried, and you think it might signal the coming of the End Days, then you had better hurry out and purchase one of these Quantum Sleeper Units. You might think that it looks like the bed berth in a fancy, Republican-style yacht, but it really is your ticket to post-apocalyptic survival. Just in case you aren't chosen in the Rapture, this might be your only hope--along with a 50 gallon drum of drinking water.

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