Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunday Silences

Today is Ruth's second birthday. Tegan is trying to get her to take her afternoon nap right now and when she gets up (and when Tegan gets up from her own nap) and when Ariel and I are done "resting" then the four of us will gather to eat some special birthday cupcakes and open some birthday gifts. It should be an engaging afternoon.

My primary feeling right now is, I am tired! Ariel got me up at 7 am yesterday and 7:30 this morning. I was busy last night with Spec, getting my laptop and iTunes up to speed (thanks my friend). Tegan is just generally tired . . . she never gets enough sleep when she is trying to keep up with work. So, overall . . . tired is the emotion of the day around here.

We thought out going to Comfest yesterday (a community arts, music, whatever festival) but by the time Ruth was done with her nap it looked like it might storm a bit (it never really did). But it was awfully hot and humid. So we decided to go to the (indoor) pool instead. Our membership is about to expire there and we want to maximize whatever we can before we waste all that money we shelled out last summer. And, remember, we thought it might rain a bit.

We got there at 5 pm and found out that they close the pool between 5-6:30 . . . so, we managed to make the kids understand and then went and got some food to kill time. When we got back, approximately 6:15, we let the kids play a bit on the jungle gym in the lobby of the community center. And then we played in the pool for about an hour and a half. It was especially nice since Ruth got wet and played a bit in the pool this time. Maybe we'll make her feel comfortable in another month or so (and I'm only half kidding there).

So, that's where we are today. I hope whomever reads this is having a nice weekend.


One good bit of news, well actually two good bits of news.

Number one, thanks to hard work by Tegan and phone consultation with her dad, we have the internet all complete and everything is completely up to snuff. That means that we also have the laptop working wirelessly (I am writing this on the couch listening to Mulan sing). The other bit of good news is Blogger related. You may remember that I was a little disappointed that the Apple web browser (Safari) didn't display all of the buttons that I had grown accustomed to using when making my new blog posts. Well, I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and am using it to write my new blog posts. All of the buttons are there and everything is as I remember it. Which is good and will help me do things I had grown accustomed to without relearning stuff.

Also, Blogger has mentioned on its news page that they have upgraded your ability to post pictures. You can find pictures on your own computer and select and format them without having to use a different program (such as Hello) to get pictures on the web. So, that streamlines things even more. The picture that was put at the top of this post was added through this new picture button. It was done much quicker and I hope it encourages you all to add more images to your posts.

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Spec said...

Glad to help you out Burb. I had a good time revelling in our nerdiness. Sorry I contributed to your tiredness, but that's the price you pay for having a cool new computer.