Sunday, June 05, 2005

The REALLY long, hot summer

I chose my post title a bit premature the other day, as it turns out.

Why, you ask?

Well, this weekend in Ohio, the temperature rose into (at least) the mid-80s and the humidity spiked.

(Pause here while my family and friends in Georgia snicker and guffaw.)

That wouldn't be so bad, except that we discover on Saturday that our air conditioner is not exactly ready for the summer season. I guess it is low on freon or something because it surely isn't cooling the house.

So, we've got the windows open and the house fan running hard. But, it isn't doing a whole lot to cool us down--especially me, who is usually on the verge of sweating at any moment.

But, now worries. We've got a big kiddie inflatable pool that we can blow up and put really cold water in and enjoy the bright sunshine, right?


I got ready to inflate the pool after church today when I discovered that the plugs that hold the air in have vanished. I don't have any idea where they are. So, that is out. I will set up the Elmo sprinkler in the back yard in a bit to give Ariel some cooling down time, but Ruth doesn't seem to like playing in the sprinkler.

We did get a bit creative, however, and ate a "picnic lunch" on the basement floor. The basement is very pleasant, so maybe we'll wait out the rest of the day down there and fold clothes.

If only I believed that the evening would bring cooler breezes. It didn't seem to last night.

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