Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Man in Tights

I am all by myself tonight. The girls are asleep and Tegan is fighting her sinus infection problems, so everyone is upstairs.

What am I doing to pass the time? You're reading it!
What else am I doing? Experiencing the glories of the original Superman movie, complements of the A&E network. Right now I am watching the Superman/Lois flying scene and she's about to start thinking in her head "Can you read my mind?" (Oddly, Lois thinks in rhyme. A signal of the regrettable madness that would later cripple Margot Kidder?) Remember that this scene comes right after Superman has started exposing himself as a superdude all around town and catching the bad guys. So, "Supes" thought it was best to use the Daily Planet's best reporter to present his heroic manifesto to His chosen city. Also recall that during her brief question and answer session on her penthouse balcony she asks him what color panties she is wearing (Dirty!). And he can't answer at first because she is standing behind a lead planter. But he later answers "pink" when she moves (Perv!).

Anyway . . . speaking of Superman. Did you know that "Superman Returns" opens in a movie theater near you next year. It's been in the news lately--on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. There are also lots of details on this informational website, or through my sometimes nemesis James Lileks, who mentioned this interesting video in this post.

Right now I have switched from Superman to FX to see what trouble Morgan Spurlock is stirring up on "30 Days." In this episode, a Christian from West Virginia is going to spend a month living with a Muslim family in Dearborn, Michigan. During this time he will pray 5 times a day, wear some Muslim clothes (at least while traveling through the airport from WVA to MI), grow a beard, study the Koran, etc.

The Christian (named Dave) has just found out that while his Muslim host is at work--he appears to be a doctor--he has to leave the house. He can't stay at home alone with the host's wife. So, he is shopping for proper Islamic clothes.

While watching the show I also checked my news feeds and found a story on an reality show that I have heard about, but just realized that it is similar in some ways to Spurlock's "30 Days." Strangely, it has received controversy but I don't think the FX show has.


Oh, another thing that I have been meaning to post, but didn't. I found this website a few days ago and found it rather interesting. I am not surprised that my ecological footprint is bigger than it should be. If everyone lived like me we would need almost FIVE earths! (And I even carpool almost every day and generally go everywhere with my wife.)


I should be working on my work project . . . doing some research of Mongols. But I can't get myself to care about it right now. I can't force myself to cut my mind off from everything else and sufficiently emerge it in that "work" mindset. It is so much more interesting and distracting to work of this post and contemplate the trials of Muslims in America. The drawback, of course, is that my laptop is heating up my thighs.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I was your laptop...

David said...

Whoa! That's creepy . . . but I kinda left myself open to that one.

Oh well.

Sven Golly said...

Just a friendly suggestion: cotton-blend spandex tights might breathe a little more than your everyday polyester tights, allowing you to superfocus just a little longer in cool comfort.