Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Metro Parkin'

Tonight one of Ariel's friends had his fifth birthday party. It was at Highbanks Metro Park.

Ariel, Ruth, Tegan, and I joined Jacob and probably fifteen of his closest friends and relations (and all of the accompanying parents) deep in the northwest corner of the park to roast hotdogs, eat fruit salad and chips, drink lemonade, make smores, play baseball, throw a frisbee, run around, and eventually take a walk through one of the wood trails to skip rocks on the bank of the Olentangy River.

It was loads of fun and a great night to be outdoors.

I would write more, but I am pretty tired right now. It's a shame that I am out of steam, because I so rarely get to do stuff like this (or I so rarely TAKE the time to do stuff like this) that I should spend more time describing it. I am sure that Sven Golly for example, could really make this night come alive . . . but I just end up slapping together something that sounds like an itinerary.

(Sorry for the self-criticism and the self-pity, but I really am tired.)


lulu said...

"Jacob." I am so sick of that name. Is there a preschool class in all of America without a Jacob and a Madison (or an Emily and a Tanner)? Doubtful.

Still, sounds like a fun night. Or it DID, until you started whining about what an ineffective loser you are. Cut yourself some slack, Burb!

Sven Golly said...

When my kids were little, it was Becca, Matthew, Megan, and anything biblical. Jess Golly was once on a soccer team with a roster that read like a list of Old Testament prophets.

And thanks for the plug, Burb. That post was in its fourth draft when I finally decided to let it go. I can't approach your output or consistency, and I can't bring myself to hammer out a quick, spontaneous blog fit to read. Something to work on.