Thursday, October 21, 2004

Return of the King--vindication

Remember a while back when I spoke about the freaky Burger King ad, with strange homoerotic overtones?

No . . . well, you can read my initial take on it here. It's about halfway through the random bits.

I found the article by sometimes advertising critic Seth Stevenson, who wrote about the same ad. Click on this post's title for his article.

The best thing about Stevensen's article is that he noticed the creepy homoerotic vibe as well! I love it when I notice something and then some high-falutin' TV critic notices it too. It means I'm just as smart as they are!!

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Anonymous said...

Screw this "democracy." This year my vote is going to Burger King.
I'm serious. In the last week, I've been impressed by BK twice.
The second time was when I heard they pulled their ads from Sin/clair Broadcasting.
The first, slightly surreal time was when Snoop Dogg was on TV telling me to vote and then a very discrete little white BK symbol flashed up on a black screen.
Who'd of thought that little abstracted burger symbol could be so serious, so stately. It could have been the symbol for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. (if it had been a C.E.I.P on a little burger...)

Anyway, I don't usually praise the corporations, but there's something in the water over there at the monarchy.

--Thunder, Jack