Sunday, October 03, 2004

Lives of Quiet (but funny) Desperation

I watched the premier of ABCs new drama, Desperate Housewives, tonight. Click on the title above to link to ABC's home site on the show.

My impressions?

First and foremost, David Lynch is throwing some high-priced wine against a wall right now somewhere in France. (At least he is if he is currently living in France, which it seems like he should be; often drinks high-priced wine--and why not?; and if he watches ABC television, which is actually highly unlikely.)

BUT--he surely pays someone to watch the media and so he will soon get a report about Desperate Housewives which will cause him to choke on his croissant and orange juice.

Why? Because this show rips off two of his most famous products, THAT's why! (And it does a good job too, so I am not blaming ABC for this.)

SPOILER ALERT!! If you plan to watch the rebroadcast of the premiere next Saturday night, then don't read below.

Desperate Housewives is a show about the perfect little neighborhood, filled with perfect suburban families. The show focuses, obviously, on the wives. The premiere episode centers on the suicide of one of a group of five neighborhood lady friends (Big Chill anyone?). The dead woman narrates the episode. No one knows why she died, but we learn throughout the episode that her family had a secret. We further learn that all the ladies have secrets--some hidden, some not so hidden. But suffice it to say that their postcard lives aren't exactly Emily Post in every sense of the word, okay? The show will focus (I assume) on unraveling the central mystery of why the suicide occurred while further exploring the problems of these ladies.

So, Lynch right? Take the death of Laura Palmer which was the engine that drove the first year and a half of Twin Peaks and mix in the fact that perfect old Suburbia has dragons hidden in closets (a la Blue Velvet) and you have this show. Sadly there is no one with the caliber of Dennis Hopper involved (yet . . . if I may plead with Hopper's agent and ABC!!) or the cross-dressing talents of David Duchovny.

So watch our ABC!! You may be getting an irate phone call from overseas soon! And good job on an interesting show. Now, move it from Sunday night at 9 pm!!!! That's where my girl Sydney works--she'll be coming back in January!


A P said...
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A P said...

I was pleasantly surprised by the show. My wife thinks that the only reason I watched was because of an infatuation with Terri Hatcher. Though I assured her, any infatuation I had with TH died with Lois & Clark.