Saturday, October 30, 2004

How can we make this stop?

Well, Tegan, the girls and I went to the grocery store this afternoon and there I was confronted with this awful image:

As you might guess, I am terribly upset about the thought of this actually coming true. While we waited to pay for our groceries, I thumbed to the correct page and tried to scan the pertinent information.

Apparently, Ben is ready to have kids and Jennifer (according to sources) will say yes as soon as he chooses to propose. She has even gone to visit Mama Affleck.


Anyway, US Weekly, paragon of journalism, displayed three photos for proof of the love between Ben and JG . . . . The first was a photo of him and JLo at a Sox game last year. The two of them weren't looking at each other or anything. Very distant. The second was Ben and someone else at a Sox game, also distant. The third was Ben and JG (also at a Sox game) and they were googly-eyeing each other and everything.

Sigh again.

I know, I can't do anything about it and it doesn't affect me at all, but him and her? I just can't be happy about it.

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