Monday, October 04, 2004

Now, I become The Man

Sure . . . devoted readers to this blog are now saying, "Huh? He always acted like he was the Man, didn't he?"

You're right. I have always acted that way.

But now its real. Today I was hired into my department as full-time staff. Its a weird feeling. I am glad that it finally happened, but I worry that my other friends, many of whom (like me) were "project workers" have even more reason to be disgruntled.

Yes, I put in my time, waited my turn, etc. But that doesn't make it any easier for the rest, who continue to wait. Believe me, in the past four years, I felt that feeling of happiness mixed with frustration. I just wish it didn't take SO long for everyone to be recognized for all of the hard work that we all do.

So, I am experiencing pleasure, relief, and apprehension all at once.

Another great outcome of all of this is that Perk ALSO got hired today. So, way to go buddy. You deserve it too.


Anonymous said...

. . . as long as we all remember the Corporation is the enemy...
but, yeah, congratulations. you deserved it from the beginning.
. . . but, seriously, they're evil.

####Jack Thunder

lulu said...

Apprehension is for sucks. You totally deserve it, and everyone is happy for you (and Perk @ Werk, too).

Anonymous said...


My piece of advice: As soon as you get your business cards, start dumping them in every restaurant drawing you find. Otherwise, you'll have a thousand left when you retire. (yes, "retire" is intentional! suckas!)

-Old Navy

Anonymous said...

Yee-freakin Hawskins!!!

(That's yeehaw for you non-Perk colloquial speakers)