Thursday, May 21, 2020


Memorial Day weekend is right in front of us, so that means there are only days left to vote for this year's #HatofSummer.

Watch today's video that exists only to make you get off your couch and put your voting fingers to work.

As always, you can vote frequently--an obscene amount of voting is to be expected and should be required. If you feel that you have voted enough, I am here to tell you that you are incorrect. You should be voting while you eat dinner--unless you somehow need both hands to eat your dinner. (Maybe you are eating ribs or a hamburger or a sandwich. But even so, use voice recognition on your smartphone to tell the phone to set a reminder to vote as soon as both (or even one hand) is free from dinner consumption.

And then, once dinner has been digested . . . guess what? Vote some more.

Where should you be voting?

Go here and click, click, click away. You only have mere days left.

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