Friday, May 01, 2020


Congratulations that you have made it into May! And with the coming of May--even during a time of bizarre coronavirus concerns, all thoughts naturally turn towards the #HatofSummer. Every year since human memory we have banded together to choose a single hat. A hat that is a celebration of sun, fun, and good times. These are the things that we all want. This is what we need. And I am here to help you get to that happy place.

There are only a few weeks remaining in the #OfficialHat2020 voting. Memorial Day is finally on the sort-of-distant horizon. But when it arrives, a final hat will be chosen. And now, starting today, there are only two hats that remain. The newly-established primaries are done. The top two have been chosen.

It was a close call between choice 2 and choice 3. The Martins BBQ Joint received a total of 354 votes (29.4%) while the NHS Yes! was only 13 votes behind with 341 votes (28.3%). I'm sad to see that the NHS Yes hat didn't clear that bar this year, but I'm sure it will return in future years.


As I said, the votes continue. Please click here to visit the Google Form page to cast your choice between the two remaining hat choices.

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