Wednesday, May 20, 2020


FINALLY some GOOD NEWS during all of this COVID-19 pandemic sadness!

(I've thought about this randomly during the last few months and had convinced myself that it would never happen. But this evening, Twitter delivered the only good piece of news that misbegotten site has every published live--

Can you believe it?!


In my Fall 2019 TV Preview post, I boldly stated that the original Holey Moley was the only Category I show that aired last year. You may disagree, but if you do, I encourage you to start your own blog site that you've pestered person(s) with for approaching twenty years. Then maybe I'll endorse your differing opinion.

But I'm so very happy about this unexpected development. 

I'm so thrilled that I get to spend my summer evenings listening to Rob Riggle once again ridicule the fame-hungry pseudo athletes who try to make a life of mini golf.

I'm so jazzed that weirdo people with bizarre TV personalities and fashion senses try to one-up each other inside a freezing cold sound stage.

I'm over the moon at the prospect of new, inventively bizarre mini golf holes.

And I'm terribly sad that I didn't follow my dream to apply myself for this train wreck of a "reality" show.

Please, please, please, PLEASE watch this show over the next few months. Tweet about it. Chat about it. Raise up its media profile so that a season three can be assured and if no other sport rises out of the post-COVID aftermath . . . it is this sport!

Make. It. Happen!

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