Saturday, September 16, 2017

Football Counter-Programming 2017: Week 3

Did you notice that I posted last week--even if I didn't promote it? Well, it's true. I did write a Week 2 post. And now I'm opening the draft of this week's post and looking at the bare sentence that I put there and having no idea how to go forward with it. So, I guess I"m going to start with a new idea.

Okay . . . so, here is this.

What do you do on a Saturday in the fall? (Other than game plan how you are going to get your ingredients together for that halftime grilling extravaganza that I'm desperately trying to distract you from.) Do you take the day to simply relax and do nothing? Do you have a long, predictable list of chores that you have to complete each weekend? Do you prefer no schedule and simply take the day as it comes to you? Or do you have to work?

Typically on an autumn Saturday, I really want to do nothing at all. But that lazy desire is prevented  by the need to mow the grass. (Each week I'm thinking it is the Last.Time.For.The.Season. But by the following Thursday, it is always clear that I need to do it One.More.Time.) And once the lawn is mowed, it is usually almost noon. So, then I've got to figure out what comes after that. The floors always need to be vacuumed and God knows that there is plenty to dust that I ignore lots of the time. And then of course there is laundry and this and that and whatever.

But wouldn't it be nice to take a break and head off to the zoo? Or some other fun thing with the kids? But can I convince them to do it? (If they are not already doing something of their own?) I do like to go to the zoo whenever I can get away with it.

That is the tension between fun and need. How badly do I need to clean stuff and make the house ship shape? (If you ask Lynda, then I both do need it and and apparently don't need it.) But what I really want to do--when the time comes . . . is nothing at all.

But then the question of what about the kids comes into play. Can I let them just sit around and do nothing? Or am I responsible to make sure that they are doing fun and enriching stuff all the time?

And, well . . . that is it.

Not my best post. But head back up to the top and click on last week's entry. It is more engaging than this one.

And, no matter how disappointing my post might be, remember--the most disappointing result of all on a Saturday is spending your own precious weekend watching your beloved football team lose to a team they should never lose to.

Until nest week!

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james said...

Cathy and I take a long run in prep for a 1/2 marathon and we love to go to the zoo. We have family passes for up to 7 so come on down to KC!!