Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fall TV Preview 2017: What I'm Likely to Watch

We've already covered how I feel about the new shows (or at least some of the new shows) coming out this Fall. So, now it is time to get real. What am I actually going to watch this year?

The easiest way to figure that out? Let's browse my DVR queue and see what we can find.

The Good Place (NBC, returns Sep. 20, at 10 pm) Last year I was skeptical of this show at first. But--for once, I listened to Dean early on and gave this show a try. And I found that I liked it. Don't be fooled by its candy-coated exterior (especially if you are catching up and watching season 1 at this point). It's (a bit . . . ) deeper than it seems. Not tons deeper or anything, no matter how often Chidi talks about Emmanuel Kant. But it's a fun watch.

iZombie (The CW, returns sometime this winter?) I admit that I struggle with this show. I started watching it because Lynda seemed interested and I've played along. I don't love it by any means. Its the sort of show that I listen to and watch with one eye while I'm checking out Twitter. The plot has gotten twistier as the seasons have gone on. But I can't honestly say that I keep up with every new development. If you wish Veronica Mars was still on TV and you don't want to watch Kristen Bell on The Good Place, you might find enjoyment here.

Mr. Robot (USA, returns in 2018?) Dean already noted how confusing season 2 was. But I'll hope that season 3 pares down the plot and gets back to the mystery of what is going on inside Elliot's head.

The Flash (The CW, returns Oct. 10) This has always been the most consistent and reliably fun-to-watch superhero show on the Arrowverse network. Last season, however, spent too much time on the importance of Iris--the least charismatic and least interesting person on the show. We need more Tom Foley so that I can continue to infuriate Grace with lots and lots of Draco Malfoy jokes.

The Magicians (SyFy??, returns in 2018?) I still haven't read the book(s?). But I like the show, which says Sucks to you Harry Potter fans and gives you fun.

You're the Worst (FX, returned Sep. 6 at 10 pm) Not the sort of show you can watch with your kids. But I like how terrible the characters are. Sort of like Seinfeld on crack, maybe. But like that show, nobody is learning any lessons and they are convinced that they are better than everyone else.

Supergirl (The CW, returns Oct. 9) Grace and I fought a bit this past season about the progress of Supergirl. She was frustrated that the show was leaning far too heavily on romance--and especially the wrong sorts of romances. I was used to this sort of plot turn. But we were both glad to see the return of Calista Flockhart at the end of last season. I hope they find a way to get her to stick around again.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC, returns maybe in 2018 when Inhumans is quickly yanked?) At this point I think the acronym stands for Should Have Investigated alternative Life Decisions. But I'm still watching . . . and was surprised to enjoy big swaths of last season. But that was because they twisted everything up with an alternate universe plot that gave every character time to be something other than the boring selves they had become in previous seasons.

Silicon Valley (HBO, returns . . . who knows?) Dean didn't talk about this in his post because it isn't coming back soon. But we both agree that it is fun. I'm sad to see T.J. Miller off the show (and shaking my head that it was his own personal decision). Erlich Bachman was a fun character and I loved Miller's line delivery.

Game of Thrones (HBO, returns 2019?! What, why? Maybe?) I don't need to talk about the most talked-about show since the demise of Breaking Bad and Mad Men. I am very sorry that there are less than ten episodes remaining. And that it won't return until my oldest daughter is in college?

Gotham (FOX, returns Sep. 21) That is TONIGHT!! Yeah! Such a stupid show! And I'm all IN. I've got Stockholm Syndrome and I guess I don't care. And Bruce is gonna start wearing a funky costume and punching criminals in rain-soaked alleys this season.

blackish (ABC, returns Oct. 3) Still funny. And gotta have lots of topical stories coming up this year, I'm quite sure.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW, returns October 13) The tonal quality of this show is all over the place and I don't love every single episode (or every song). But when it is good, there is nothing quite like it on television. Admittedly, that bar is not too high to get across.

Arrow (The CW, returns October 12) I have a problem. I'm not on drugs or anything serious. But I clearly have a very distinct problem in my life.

Atlanta (FX, returns in 2018) Congratulations Emmy winner Donald Glover! You definitely deserved it. This show is really good. But now that we've gotten an entire gift third season of Twin Peaks itself, will the occasional oddities within Atlanta episodes pack less punch?

Drunk History (Comedy Central, returns  2018?) This is always fun. And occasionally informative.

New Girl (FOX, returns sometime this fall?) One more season to enjoy. One more chance to laugh at Schmidt, Winston, and Nick.

Archer (FX, returns 2018?) Last season wasn't as great as all the previous seasons that I binged in preparation for its return. I'm hoping that when it comes back again, I enjoy the "Danger Island" plot they are hanging the episodes around.

Search Party (TBS, returns Nov. 19) Quirky is the wrong word to describe this show. But it has a smallish, bespoke feel to it. I want this show to be good.

Riverdale (The CW, returns Oct. 11) I watch this show almost entirely to laugh at it with my older kids. It is ridiculous in many TV, teen drama ways.

Doctor Who (BBC America, returns at Christmas and then ???) One last Christmas trip in the TARDIS for Peter Capaldi and then the first female Doctor arrives in the guise of Josie Whittaker. I didn't love Capaldi much. (I'm very much in the Matt Smith camp.) And I have no knowledge or preconceptions about Whittaker. We'll see how it goes?

Legion (FX, returns 2018) Season one was almost perfect. You should really give this show a try.

The Americans (FX, returns March 7, 2018) This past season was really bad. But you should still give this show a try. (Just don't watch it late at night like I always do--or the minutes of silence will guarantee that you will fall asleep mid episode.)

Better Call Saul (AMC, returns 2018?) I like watching Jimmy (more quickly) turn into don't-give-a-shit Saul Goodman. But I have two requests. I  also  want to see more of post-BB Saul working at the Cinnabon in Omaha. AND when we're watching Jimmy break bad, I want to see friends from the original Breaking Bad doing stuff in the background.

American Gods (Starz, returns summer 2018--I think?) I loved the first season of this show and then I was equally flummoxed when it seemingly stopped broadcasting and went dark. I thought my DVR had stopped working. But I am now confident that the show will pick up again and I'll continue to enjoy Shadow and Mr. Wednesday's road trip toward Rock City and Lookout Mountain.

Fargo (FX, returns ???) I still believe that season 2 was the best season. Or maybe that is just my continual love of Kristen Dunst as Mary Jane Watson in the Spiderman movies? But season 4 was fine, I guess. I really did like Mary Elizabeth Winstead's character.

12 Monkeys (SyFy, returns May 2018) This show, like some others on this list, is pretty convoluted in its plot. But I'm still trying to hang in there and get some resolution. The next season will be the last one. I thought season 3 was a pretty nice one and the romance plot between Cole and Cassie felt earned this season. Let's hope it comes to a strong, satisfying end.

Frankly, I'm surprised at the number of FX shows that I watch. And I wish I didn't watch that many shows on The CW. and I also wish that most of the shows listed here aren't even coming back until after the Fall season and into 2018. But if I don't mention them now and wait until next Fall, most of these will have already returned and gone again.

Happy viewing everyone!

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