Sunday, January 19, 2014

LOST Rewatch: Numbers
One of my favorites.

But, ultimately, one of the most frustrating subplots of the series, certainly.

Still, I have always enjoyed the many strands of what the numbers meant, might mean, could mean.

And my kids were very pleased to FINALLY learn more about one of their favorite characters.

Were the numbers cursed? Was Hurley just connecting the dots incorrectly?

And the biggest question that was never truly answered throughout the run of the series--why were the numbers EVERYWHERE? On the hatch covering, adding up to 108, being transmitted from the (now revealed to exist) radio tower.

Why? Why? Why?

Thus began the drumbeat of fans, early on in the first season. Answers, answers, ANSWERS?!

And thus began the growing problem for Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, and all the writers of the show. They had indeed created a monster of a show and it increasingly became hard to satisfy that drumbeat.

I believe they did their best. I will always love the show.

But this moment--at the end of this episode--ended up speaking for a great many fans over the course of six years.

4   8   15   16  23   42

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