Monday, January 20, 2014

LOST Rewatch: Deus ex Machina
Here is where the story arc for Season 1 pivoted, I think. Up until now, the show has been busy with introducing characters and examining their personalities while slowly opening the door to the mysteries of the Island and what exactly might be going on there. But by this episode, we have met all of the major players and we are getting a firm grasp of what they are about. Hurley was the last of the main actors to get a flashback in the previous episode Numbers, and even before him we had started to get 2nd and 3rd Flashbacks.

This episode gives us the Second Flashback story for John Locke and it further reinforces what a sad life he has led. We know by the impressive hair on Terry O'Quinn's usually bald head that this bit of the story occurs prior to his time working with Randy at the box company. This is also evident by the fact that he is not confined to a wheelchair yet. Instead, Mr. Locke is working at a toy store, trying to convince kids to purchase old classic games such as Mousetrap. But while he does so, he sees a mysterious red-haired women giving him significant looks.

When he is leaving at the end of his shift, he sees her again and catches up to her in order to ask what she is doing? She haltingly explains that she is his mother. The scene shifts to a diner and Locke asks who she is further and gets the idea pretty quick that she has mental problems (she claims that Locke had no father, but was immaculately conceived). So, he hired a private investigator to get information and learns that she suffers from some schizophrenia. The private investigator also found information on Locke's real father? Does he want it? (Yes. Yes he does.)

Back on the Island, Locke and Boone continue to struggle to open the Hatch. For the past weeks they have excavated the entire top curvature of the structure and even several feet down its sides. It clearly is a large structure, resembling the conning tower of a submarine. But the small, square glass window refuses to crack and they have decided to build a trebuchet to impart some medieval force on that window.

The trebuchet bangs hard on the window, but doesn't crack anything but itself. Locke's patience is slowly cracking in upon itself and he shows frustration. Simultaneous to this, his legs begin to falter and weaken once more. In fear, Locke is convinced that the Island is testing his faith and that they must interpret a new message for what to do next. Boone is skeptical of John's mysticism, until . . .

. . . John is gifted with a vision right there in the jungle that consists of 1.) a two-person, orange and white Beechcraft plane flying overhead, 2.) Boone appearing bloodied and injured, speaking of "Theresa."

When John tells Boone of Theresa, Boone reacts in surprise and admits that she was his childhood nanny. Impressed with John's knowledge of things that should not be, the two agree to follow the vision's flight path of the Beechcraft plane. John is certain that there, answers will be provided.

In the Flashback, John has tracked down his father, Anthony Cooper--an apparently wealthy man who lives in a gated compound and likes to hunt birds. He doesn't deny John the fact of parentage and they slowly become friends. John experiences some happiness and enjoys spending time with Anthony, until he arrives "early" one afternoon and sees his dad undergoing a dialysis treatment. Turns out his kidneys are failing and he is low on the transplant list. This, naturally, gives naive John an idea to donate one of his kidney's to his father. Cooper reluctantly accepts.

On the Island, Boone and Locke discover the Beechcraft perched precariously atop a cliff. Because Locke's legs are getting progressively worse, Boone agrees to climb up the twenty feet to the plane and investigate what is inside. As he explores, the plane shifts dangerously. But Boone finds a radio that sort of works and sends out a distress call, identifying his group as Survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Someone on the other end of the call also says something about Flight 815 . . . but it is a bit garbled and hard to understand. Boone also finds Virgin Mary statues filled with heroin--lots and lots of heroin. But then the plane slides and falls to the jungle floor below. Boone is severely hurt. Locke grabs him up, manages to get on his balky legs and carries Boone back towards the caves.

In the Flashpast, Locke wakes up from the kidney transplant surgery to find that his father's bed is empty. The nurse says that Mr. Cooper already left. Locke is confused and in pain, but he checks himself out of the hospital and drives to Cooper's house. He is denied entrance by the security guard (who seems embarrassed). Locke realizes that he's been conned by Cooper. His own father had set him up to get a kidney, orchestrating the reunion with his mother to lure John in. Another moment of tragedy in the life of John Locke.

Back at the Caves, Locke delivers a very injured Boone and lies about the nature of the accident. Jack immediately begins to try fixing Boone but when he turns around to ask John further questions about what happens, Locke is gone.

Where did he go? To the Hatch, where he kneels before the window, shouting at it, questioning why the Island has not rewarded him for his faith. What more does he need to do? As he pounds on the glass, suddenly a light turns on and shines up through the window . . .


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