Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hannah @ 6

Happy birthday to Hannah Maria Martin! She is six years old today.

As my children get older, I know that I appreciate their maturity and their ability to function in the world as independent people with their own thoughts, goals, and wants. But there is always a part of me that misses the cuter side of childhood. Their inexperience; their curiosity; their unexpected sense of humor and their ways of expressing that. I don't want to minimize the challenges of young children, of which there are many. But this is a celebratory day. So hurray for the wonders of childhood. And Hannah brings much wonder into this world and into our family.
She's getting older too. Every day! And learning so much. And sloooowly taking her first actual steps away from us and toward her own life. But it's great for all of us that she is here, telling her terrible Knock Knock jokes and learning to tease. And trying to keep up with her older sisters in every way.
Hannah's seventh year will mark the end of full childhood shelter. She'll be out of daycare by next Fall and fully into the city. I can't wait to see where she goes next and what she may do.

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