Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November Days of Gratitude #12

It's true. My trip on the Gratitude Train got a bit bumpy in the last week. I missed a few stops and even switched tracks once or twice. But I'm back and I'm all aboard, with my ticket ready to give to the conductor. . . and now my train metaphor has pulled into the depot and has run its course.

But just because I missed a few days doesn't mean that I've forgotten what it means to be grateful. Far from it, friends. For today I have what is perhaps the thing that I am most grateful as we pass the halfway point in this month of Thankfulness.

Today, I am so very grateful that I know that the idea for this movie exists . . . because I need to spend my every waking minute trying to prevent a single image from ever being recorded.

(Credit: Salon.com; text added by me)
I shouldn't have to explain to you what a bad idea this is. Now, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that It's a Wonderful Life is a pinnacle of cinematic achievement or anything . . . but it has become a deservedly beloved holiday classic. A movie that I enjoy watching each year around this time, thinking about jokes that I make with my family, imitating George Bailey's aw shucks line delivery, how he embraces the despair of his anger and then turns around and hugs Bedford Falls when he gets a new perspective on life.

I don't care that original actors are involved. I don't care what the story might be. Nothing . . . and I mean NOTHING about this movie can be good. It DOESN'T. NEED. TO. BE. MADE!

If wiser heads eventually prevail, then I'll have something else to be grateful for later.

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