Friday, November 15, 2013

November Days of Gratitude #11.5

I realized yesterday that I had nothing to really be thankful for. It was just a day of work and home, kids, wife, work-related stresses and attempts to overcome the same.

So, I was thankful for the realization that not every day is something to be celebrated and examined. 

(Credit:; First . . . what? Also, why is this related to the search term "everyday"?)

Some days simply are.

And making it through them is reward enough. 


As for today? 

Well, first of all TGIF, amirite?

And it was a semi-relaxing Friday, because I spent it at home--ostensibly as a vacation day, but most of the morning was done trying to catch up in work that is falling behind. And the weekend will be much the same . . . Trying to make it to Monday with my head high, ready to take on another week. 

Here's to hoping. 

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