Sunday, November 06, 2011

NaBloWriMo #6: Here's to Mary!

Do you have a sister? Is she older than you? Have you grown up with her? Did the two of you play together when you were younger, spending lots of time walking to school or playing imaginary games on the weekend?
Did you sort of lose touch with her while the two of you were making the transition from elementary to middle school (but she did it before you)? Did you grow apart even more as she became a "girl" and you became a "boy"? Did you not worry about it so much, because, well . . . you were a boy and a young one at that. You weren't thinking much about those sorts of things then.

And you were worried about your own stuff most of the time anyway. But she was always there. And you spend many family trips with her even so. Do you remember the camping trips? Do you remember all the hiking and  the rain? Remember when the bugs kept getting attracted to the lanterns at night and how she hated having those bit flapping wings close to her face? Remember how she shrieked and ran away time and time again?

Do you remember how, when you got older again, you sort of reconnected in jr. high and high school? Remember, she had the car, right? And remember how she had to drive you around in the mornings and afternoons? I'll bet you haven't forgotten cramming into the small car with her and her friends, listening to 80s rock and rap at high volumes, going here and there. You never minded squeezing in the backseat, because you got to hang out with the older, cool kids.

My great sister.
Remember how much fun it was to hang out together in college? Things had changed again and you were closer to being friends than just "brother" and "sister." You were both older and figuring out how to be YOU on your own. And wasn't it fun to hang out together on your own? And even though you've both grown up and moved on to your own families and lives, isn't it nice when you have the chance to get back together again. Isn't it great to see her laugh, sometimes to laugh so hard that she bends over, looking for lost breath, then lifting back up again to wipe away tears of happiness? Those are the best times.

When you have to go apart again, isn't it nice to give her a hug, an honest, loving hug of friendship and family? Stop and think about that. Aren't you lucky to have a great sister like her? And aren't you lucky to stay friends with her, even now? That is a great thing.

So, even though these thoughts are short, rushed, and not deserving of reflecting who she really is . . . here's to Mary! Congratulations on who you have been and who you are and who you are yet to be. Thanks for being my sister, in all of the ways you were and are. I love you a lot! Happy birthday to you.

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