Saturday, November 12, 2011

NaBloWriMo #12: Video stalling

We live in a world where we can do so many things with very little effort and not much planning.

For instance, yesterday at work, I was struck by the satisfying feel and sound of a new, crisp one dollar bill. And because I live in a time where I am able to pull out my portable video camera that is part of my phone, I can--for no reason other than I am able to do so--make a poor quality video that in no way properly captures the sensation of hearing and feeling that one dollar bill.

I can only hope that:

1.) you have experienced this moment for yourself at some time in the past and can therefore summon that tactile and auditory memory while you watch this and that,

2.) you forgive me for expecting you to take this as my NaBloWriMo submission for today.

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