Wednesday, November 02, 2011

NaBloWriMo #2: Food

How do you go about the daily task of feeding yourself? Do you plan it out on the weekend, identifying what meals you want to have during the week, then constructing an all encompassing grocery list that gathers all of the ingredients?

Do you also spend time on the weekend cooking ahead for the work week? Do you schedule what meals to make on what days, somewhat based on your responsibilities for the week? Do you freeze and get things ready to thaw in a moment of crisis?

Me, you ask? What do I do?

Well, mostly none of those things, even though Lynda and I have talked about doing them over the years. And since Lynda is busy with her super-secret, "can't talk about it" project, I am the one who comes home every day after getting the kids from school, with the added responsibility of figuring out what the dinner for the day is going to be.

Some days, its not so bad and I do a pretty good job. (I've watched enough cooking shows on TV over the years to be dangerous in the kitchen, though occasionally I stumble across the correct technical sequence of actions to make the food do what I envision.) But I'm no culinary savant, by any means. And when I am trying to put together a meal from the same old ingredients that we always seem to have in the pantry . . . well, then it gets even harder.

Tonight, for example, I simply had no good idea what to do. And so I cooked hot dogs, made some macaroni and cheese, pulled out the potato chips that we normally only eat for weekend lunches, and that was that. (As we sat down to eat, I did remember to slice up some apples also. So . . . wipe that judgmental look off of your faces, okay?)

It wasn't my finest culinary hour by a long shot. But for this night, it got the job done.

I only wish that I knew now what would be a better option when tomorrow night rolls around.

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