Monday, May 24, 2010

Working with an iPad

I am at the Easton Apple store waiting for Grace to finish a Daisy Scout visit to Build a Bear workshop. So I took the opportunity to get my hands on an iPad for the first time.

It is surprisingly heavy when you lift it up. And considering my recent problems with dizziness and a fear of dropping fragile things, I began to wonder if I was going to drop it. (Wouldn't THAT have been a tragedy!)

But I am not writing this on an iPad--though I tried. I was able to load up a new post, but I couldn't get the keyboard to come up when I was in the text entry screen. I wonder what I was doing wrong.

Right now I am typing this on a MacBook laptop--something that might serve as a replacement to my increasingly decrepit iBook G4. I like the feel of this keyboard and the laptop as a whole is feeling pretty solid. Not that I am in the market to buy anything at the moment.

But I was just wanting to get a feel for things.

I think I would feel very self conscious holding and working with the iPad--and I don't know if I could get use to the keyboard. It seems to feel a bit more cramped, but I didn't get much of a chance to really try typing.

Anyway, that's it for this field report. I'd better go before someone tries to make me buy something.

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