Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm no Jimmy Stewart

I went to the doctor this afternoon in the hopes of beginning to understand what has been causing my dizziness, weird balance problems, and intermittent leg muscle stiffness.

Though I felt kind of silly trying to explain all of my weird (maybe completely unrelated?) symptoms in the vain hope that someone can piece it all together--like an episode of "House"!--but I just had to try and figure this out.

I thought it was inner ear related, which would tie my post airplane cloggedness with the dizziness. But a trip to Urgent Care last Sunday left me with some nasal spray to unclog the ear and remaining dizzy spells. And nothing seems to account for the muscle spasm/stiffness that nearly made me drop my tray of food in the cafeteria yesterday as I walked to the cash register. I was concerned enough to get a friend to come get my tray from the register to the table.

It's just strange and I don't have a good answer for it. In my worst moments of fear I imagine that my CP is slowly growing worse . . . but can it do that? And that doesn't seem likely. It's just as likely that I've gotten some sort of psychological block on holding "droppable/breakable" things. (A variation on a golfer's "case of the 'yips'" as Shirtless noted yesterday. ) but from what did it start? Why now?

But at least I've started the investigatins now. Blood has been drawn and some tests will be done on it. I'm going back in two weeks to see what has been learned.

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